Web Creation

Perhaps the most important thing of all, is to have a web site that has been designed by a team of professionals. It will be our responsibility to undertake the complete control of setting up the web site for your company. From the time that we get agreement of the initial design we'll do it all for you, and then when you're ready we can upload it onto a server so the the world at large is able to see what you've been up to!

We'll provide both internal and external links to and from your site, we'll take the photographs that you wish to appear on your site, as well as creating a video file for you (if required), we'll even make some suggestions as to what to call the site, in order to ensure that you get the maximum number of hits going through. And we can even hire the web address for you.

In fact all you have to do is to say what exactly you'd like the site to do - and leave the rest up to us. What better way is there to promote special offers, promote case studies and announce the Press Releases that you've been making recently?

Or if you already have a web site in place why not get us to check out if it's all working correctly? Do you feel confident that the links are taking you to the right places both internally and externally? In many cases a web site will have grown with your company and therefore the links that have been established may no longer be valid.

These are just some of the sites that we've hand a hand in producing:





Coming Soon - www.Phrases-Galore.co.uk

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