Many companies have a problem with exactly what to expect from a sponsorship deal - or indeed exactly what is meant by the term sponsorship - and how it can be used as a part of the communications mix. There has always been doubt expressed over just how much the company's' bottom-line can be affected by signing a sponsorship deal, how this can be effectively measured and how best to promote the association that the sponsorship deal brings with it.

Sponsorship can work just as well in a business to business environment as it does for businesses targeting the consumer. In the business to business arena (b2b) a lot more emphasis has to be placed on what you can leverage out of a sponsorship agreement, in terms of hospitality, corporate appearances and promotions that can be tied back into any sponsorship deals. And whilst the size of budget may be limited, it does not mean that companies in the b2b arena should take the business of sponsorship any less seriously in terms of setting up measures to record the success of the sponsorship.

Where the sponsorship is directed to a largely consumer market (b2c) very often the business of sponsorship is taken very seriously, with the big brand names often investing huge sums of money with sponsorship consultants to help them find the right vehicle with which to promote their brands or services. Charles Bows Associates can ensure that you will receive the maximum return on investment that a good sponsorship package has to offer.

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