Whether your branding strategy revolves around a business to business (b2b) or a business to consumer (b2c) we have years of experience that can be called upon.

A group of Cowboys waiting to round up the herd and then brand them.  This was the earliest know form of branding.

Firstly though it is necessary to define exactly what we mean by the word "Brand". Put simply a brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, design or a combination of all these, which has specifically been used to identify goods or services from one specific supplier and so enable differentiation against those of competitors.

A "brand name" is something that can be vocalised and easily understood. Good examples of strong brand names are American Express (that will do nicely thank you), BMW (the ultimate driving machine) or HSBC (the world's local bank).

An advertisement design to try and get you to taste a FOOTLONGS hot dog.

Secondly, a "brand mark" is that part of brand which is easily recognisable but is not utterable, such as the "M" that everyone now knows stands for McDonalds Restaurants, the lion that appears at the start of all of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer films or the red "K" on a Kodak film box.

Finally, a "trademark" is a brand or a part of a brand that has been given legal protection - it protects the sellers exclusive rights to use the brand name or brand mark.

All of this begs the question: "Why have brands at all? Who gains the most, the supplier or the purchaser? How are they able to benefit? How much will this cost them?"

Just another example of how imagery can work in enticing you to visit San Francisco.

Brands haven't just come about through accident, from the outset they have been used to differentiate one product from another. Whatever the differentiating factors might be, superior service levels, selecting the right channel, improved costs, greater reliability or ease of access to the end product, every product or service should have a unique set of attributes attached to it.

Through taking the time to speak to us, we will work with you to identify all of your product benefits, whilst also pointing out the things that should be steered clear of.

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